Hospital’s Vision: Unparalleled treatment, advanced training and medical research.

Hospital’s Mission: To promote the development of neuroscience and build a research medical college.

Hospital’s Business Philosophy: Let more patients get better health service with authority and outstanding technology, high and reasonable quality, and respective humanity.

Hospital’s Culture: Respect, collaboration and openness

Sanbo Brain Hospital, founded by a group of nationally renowned Chinese experts of neurosciences in 2004, is a first-class neurologically specialized private hospital in China. Our hospital is the 11th clinical Medical College of Capital Medical University and one of the Third Department of Beijing College of Neurosurgery. We have a national neurosurgical residency training program authorized by the National Health Committee of the People’s Republic of China. Our neurosurgery is a national key clinical specialist construction department.

Sanbo Brain Hospital is near Fragrant Hills, a beautiful scenic area in Beijing. There are 256 inpatient beds with 8 Neurosurgical wards, 7 high level operating rooms and ICU wards with laminar flow. With the characteristic of neuroscience especially associated with neurosurgery service, the hospital is equipped with 306-channel magnetoencephalogram, Robotized Stereotactic Assistant (ROSA), Video-EEG Monitoring System, and other equipment with the total investment of 140 Million.

There are numerous excellent and well-known medical experts working in Sanbo Brain Hospital. Near 4000 neurosurgical operations were performed, 80% of them are grade IV (very difficult) surgeries. The scope of medical services has been radiated to all China and other countries. Through big data's analysis, Zhong Wei Yun Institute of Medical Data Analytics & Application Technology reported that the total number of diseases in the Sanbo brain hospital was 243, and 17 diseases ranked first countrywide in 2017.

Sanbo Brain Hospital has 8 PhD supervisors and 18 master's supervisors of Capital Medical University. Our staffs have undertaken or participated in more than 140 national or provincial scientific research projects, edited 24 professional books, and more than 300 SCI papers. Sanbo Epilepsy Lab is a Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory. Neurosurgery, neurology, anesthesiology, and pain management in our hospital were qualified by the National Drug Clinical Trial Institution.

Sanbo Brain Hospital belongs to Sanbo Brain Hospital Management Group Co., LTD. At present, there are five group hospitals, Kunming Sanbo Brain Hospital, Chongqing Sanbo Chang'an Hospital, Chongqing Sanbo Jiangling Hospital and Fujian Sanbo Funeng Brain Hospital.

In the future, Sanbo Brain Hospital Capital Medical University will serve as a central hospital and develop group hospitals all over the country.